Main characteristics

In order to activate the credit check at the participating banks, the CDP-ABI agreement has an "MID Loan Request" form, which can be integrated with further information by the banks.

The terms and conditions of the Loans are negotiated and determined independently by the banking institutions, without any influence from CDP.

The banks consider the requests they receive and decide whether to grant credit and assume the risk. The banking institutions are responsible for regulatory compliance arising from or related to the granting of the loan as well as for providing adequate publicity for the initiative, in the branches and through print and / or web-based advertising.

The banks guarantee access to their preliminary checking processes to all MID companies, throughout the national territory for their respective operations, without any discrimination.

The final conditions applied to the MIDs must take into account the cost of the funding made available by CDP, without prejudice to the assessment of the conditions relating to the MID Loans.

Each loan agreement must specify that the transaction was carried out using the provision made available by the CDP, indicating its cost and its duration. Information on the origin of the supply must be repeated in all subsequent periodic communications.

The ABI issued a specific Circular regarding the special tax regime of the loans on 31st July 2009.