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Local Public Transport


We offer free technical and financial advice for the planning, design and implementation of local public transport interventions (subways, tramways, mobility corridors).

Who it is intended for

Regions, Municipalities, Metropolitan Cities, Provinces and Autonomous Provinces, Mountain Communities, Island Communities, Community Unions

How it works

CDP offers free technical-financial advice for the planning, design and implementation of local public transport works that involve significant investment for the region.
Given the technical/administrative complexity of this type of work (metros, tramways, mobility corridors), CDP offers a consultancy service for public administrations to structure processes and monitor project management, identify the best types of contracts and prepare tender documents.

What CDP can do

1. Planning

  • Prepare guidelines and design documents;
  • Ex-ante feasibility of technical aspects;
  • Draft a three-year work programme;
  • Preliminary feasibility analysis for using a PPP contract (risk matrix, sustainability for the PA, potential financeability, etc.)
  • Project Management Plan (PMP) for the Project (organisation chart, external resources, stakeholder management, detailed activity programme).

2. Design

  • Preparation of tender documentation for awarding the PFTE, PD/PE*;
  • Evaluation of the suitability of using a PPP as an alternative to a traditional contract (so-called "Value for Money Assessment");
  • Support during the authorisation process.

3. Awarding Contracts

  • Identification of the type of tender with a focus on ensuring efficient integration between the system and the infrastructure, sharing the most successful national experiences with the PA;
  • Defining the participant qualification criteria;
  • Identification of elements and tender documentation (contract, specifications, etc.);
  • In the case of PPP contracts, support for the economic-financial aspects, the identification of risks and associated financiability to:
    • Review of the PPP contract, the Risk Matrix and financing assumptions;
    • Review of the tender documentation for awarding the contract.

4. Implementation

  • Technical support activities at RUP;
  • Monitoring and assistance of activities during the execution phase of the contract;
  • Support for the identification and preparation of tools to monitor and quickly resolve any critical issues.


How to apply

Write to


* PFTE: Technical and economic feasibility project, PD: Final project, PE: Executive project.

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