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The Environment

The rational use of natural resources and the reduction of polluting emissions are fundamental goals for our daily activities. As such, we encourage the adoption of new forms of intelligent, sustainable and inclusive production.

The CDP Group recognises the importance of safeguarding the environment as a primary asset and is committed to promoting the rational use of resources within its structures and a focus on the search for innovative solutions to ensure energy savings.

In particular, Group companies pursue the goal of managing their environmental impact in an organised and increasingly efficient way, for their own day-to-day operations as well as those relating to the activities of suppliers or that are the subjects of financing.

data refers to 2021

ISO 14001 Certification

The CDP Group supports the adoption of the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 standard, the voluntary certification that guarantees the implementation of environmental management systems. This standard provides management tools that control the impact and improve the environmental performance of its processes.

In compliance with the ISO 14001 standard, CDP S.p.A. and CDP Immobiliare SGR S.p.A. implement and maintain their own Management System, certified by a third-party organisation, for the management of environmental protection issues, and consistently with it, adopt an environmental policy that sets out the principles for managing their activities and their environmental protection objectives. 

The purpose of these management systems is to ensure regulatory compliance, define who is responsible, optimise environmental performance, prevent and minimise risks and pursue opportunities for improvement.

Being aware of its role for the country and of its responsibilities towards the country’s economic and social community, CDP S.p.A. promotes the protection of health and safety in the workplace as a key element of its culture and a fundamental objective in its activities and relations with its stakeholders.

In pursuit of this objective, CDP is committed to maintaining an active Management System for all company activities and in relation to the scope of application published herein.

The Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Integrated Management System Policy is the document that attests the principles and commitments made by CDP’s senior management for the continuous improvement of management systems. As such, it is disseminated at all levels of the organisation and it is published here to ensure that it is shared with all stakeholders.

For further information on Management of human resources, please refer to the 2021 Integrated Report and related tables.