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Housing and residential accommodation for university students (MUR)

We are providing support and technical assistance on behalf of the Ministry for Universities and Research (MUR) for the use of state funds as referred to in Law 338/2000, for the financing of housing and residential accommodation for university students, based on a specific agreement between CDP and MUR.

Who it is aimed at

Parties specified in Art. 3 of the tender (Ministerial Decree No. 1257/2021)


How it works

The funds are allocated on the basis of specific calls to tender issued by the MUR. The current call to tender is the fifth (Ministerial Decree No. 1257/2021) and has a budget of €467 million, of which €300 million are NRRP funds, with co-financing provided for up to a limit of 75% of the measure expenditure.

In the context of residential accommodation for university students, the measures that can be financed must fall into one the following categories:

  • extraordinary maintenance, recovery, building and urban renovation, restoration and refurbishment of existing buildings, with energy efficiency measures being a mandatory part of the works;
  • energy efficiency or energy improvement measures;
  • demolition and reconstruction, conversion, extension or completion of existing buildings;
  • the purchase of buildings to be used as university residential facilities.


How to apply

Complete the online application, available on the MUR website. Applications may be submitted up until 17 May 2022.

More information is available on the MUR website.

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