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Geopolitical and energy crisis loans

We grant medium-long term loans to support companies affected by the geopolitical and energy crisis linked to the conflict in Ukraine

Who are these loans for?

Medium-sized and large companies.

How do they work?

We can provide a total fund of 1 billion euros to help your business, in cases where the company has recorded a reduction in turnover and/or margins compared to the same period of 2021*, as a result of the indirect effects of the geopolitical and energy crisis in Ukraine (including the increase in the cost of raw materials) and where the company wishes to implement new investment programmes.

The purposes of the loan may be:

  • Support for investments affected by the geopolitical crisis
    Support for growth, including in light of the crises affecting supply chains, and the increases in the prices of production factors (e.g. energy and gas)
  • Reshoring
    Repatriation of production activities previously relocated abroad ("reshoring")
  • Energy efficiency measures
    Support for initiatives designed to promote sustainable development and achieve energy transition objectives

The minimum amount for each transaction is ≥ 5 €/mln and the loans must be finalised by 31/12/2023.


*For requests received by 31/12/2022, the last available figure for the same period of 2021 will be taken into consideration (e.g. 30/09/2022 vs 30/09/2021). For requests subsequent to 31/12/2022, the final balance sheet

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