FRI – Campania Region

FRI – Campania Region

Funding for production investments in Campania, to grant according to negotiated procedures (through the Negotiations Financial Tool [SFIN] set up by the Campania Region), aimed at increasing the competitiveness of strategic production chains in the region, also related to needs arising from the damage caused by the COVID-19 emergency.

Who's if for

Small, medium and large enterprises, that individually or together, undertake investment programmes in the strategic sectors of the aerospace, automotive, shipbuilding, agrifood, clothing and fashion, biotechnology and ICT, energy and environment and tourist industries, with the aim of:

  • developing new production units or expanding existing ones;
  • recovering an existing production unit or diversifying the production of an existing site, or fundamentally changing the overall production process of an existing production unit;
  • consolidating and improving tourist facilities and related supplementary activities (including commercial activities, related services, projects for organisation innovation or process innovation);
  • increasing energy efficiency in production processes or in buildings of local units the investments are for;
  • purchasing an existing production unit (not subject to insolvency proceedings), of a production facility no longer in use or that would have stopped operating if it had not been purchased, in order to safeguard jobs.

In view of the complex economic crisis caused by the COVID-19 emergency, investments for the following are also eligible:

  • renovating company facilities and making them safe;
  • purchasing plant, machinery and equipment in line with applicable emergency regulations;
  • developing new climate control, ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • purchasing new technologies to consolidate digitalisation systems for company functions and remote use;
  • increasing energy efficiency in production processes or in buildings of local units the investments are for;
  • adopting sales strategies based on e-commerce.

Eligible investments must be between 500 thousand and 3 million euros. In the case of business combinations (up to 4 proposing parties), the eligible investment for each enterprise must be at least 250 thousand euros.


How it works

Available regional funding: 82 million euros as a contribution to operating expenses and as a contribution to reducing interest on the loan disbursed by CDP.

Available CDP resources: 175 million euros for subsidised loans.

Loan: the loan comprises 50% disbursed from CDP at a subsidised rate thanks to the interest rate contribution paid by e Region and 50% disbursed by a bank at the market rate.

The Campania Region will subsidise a non-refundable amount (20% of eligible investments for large enterprises, 30% for medium enterprises and 35% for small enterprises).

The amount of the Loan cannot be higher than 80% of expenditure eligible for the subsidies for investment projects undertaken by large companies, 70% for projects undertaken by medium companies and 65% for small companies.

Interest rate: The interest rate to pay to CDP for disbursement of the FRI component of the Loan is determined based on periodic disclosure from the Ministry of Economy and Finance (Ministry of Economy and Finance notice) "relative to the maximum interest rate to apply to loans to stipulate with charges payable by the State, of amounts of up to 51,645,689.91 euros”. This interest rate consists of two parts:

  • The interest rate identified ad hoc for each disbursement: this varies based on the market values of the applicable benchmark rate (SWAP 7Y for Loans of up to 10 years);
  • The spread: this is set at the date of stipulation and remains the same for all disbursements.

Duration: Loan duration may be from 4 to 10 years, including a pre-amortisation period of a maximum of 2 years from the date when the Loan contract is stipulated.


How to apply

The loans are disbursed thanks to a specific Notice issued by Sviluppo Campania (Campania Development) in its capacity as implementing entity on behalf of the Region of Campania.

Loan applications must be submitted to Sviluppo Campania, along with a statement from one of the banks taking part in the subsidised loan scheme, declaring that it is willing to evaluate the granting of a Bank Loan.

For guidelines and application rules for using resources, see specific regional regulations. The granting of subsidised loans is subject to the Region of Campania evaluating eligibility for subsidised funding and to the Bank co-funding with CDP, evaluating credit worthiness.

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