Financial Education Month gets underway: CDP is a leading player

Financial Education Month gets underway: CDP is a leading player

The second edition of Financial Education Month, the initiative promoted by the Committee for the planning and coordination of financial education activities in order to increase basic knowledge on the management and planning of personal and family economic resources, has begun.

The project was set up with the aim of bridging a clear gap: according to a survey conducted by the Bank of Italy, the proportion of respondents with an adequate level of basic knowledge in Italy is just over 30%, compared with the OECD average of 62%. For example, there is little understanding among Italians of the benefits of portfolio diversification and the low levels of calculation capacity are also reflected in an inability to correctly answer questions about the calculation of compound interest.

Financial Education Month aims to provide a response to these shortcomings, through events and initiatives organised throughout Italy to raise awareness on the subject: moments of reflection, discussion and even play dedicated to all citizens, from the youngest to the oldest, to promote at 360 degrees the importance of knowing the basic financial principles, useful to better address the economic choices of everyday life.

Cassa Depositi e Prestiti is one of the leading players in the initiative, together with the many institutions, schools, associations, foundations and universities that have joined the project.
Commitment to financial education is, in fact, one of the key principles of CDP’s activities, which since 1850 has responsibly used postal savings resources to promote the country’s sustainable development.

During the month of October, Cassa Depositi e Prestiti will be participating in many events, with a particular focus on the world of education. In fact, meetings will be organised in schools throughout Italy, to tell students what it means to be able to manage and plan their savings with proper awareness, using the most suitable tools.

The meetings will also be an opportunity to illustrate the commitment to projects dedicated to the theme of financial education: one of them, the “Risparmio che fa scuola” (“Savings that offer lessons”), an initiative carried out in collaboration with Poste Italiane and MIUR to promote the value of savings in first and second grade schools as a tool for progress and development for the entire community.

All the details of the planned initiatives will be available in the next few days: stay tuned!