EuReCa Turismo Fund

In association with the Emilia-Romagna Region, CDP supports companies operating in the tourism sector, facilitating the granting of guarantees by Confidi.

CDP acts to support companies in Emilia-Romagna through the EuReCa Tourism Fund, facilitating the granting of guarantees under the Confidi system. The involvement is designed to support investments for restructuring and/or modernising tourist accommodation.
Confidi are an Italian consortia that carry out credit guarantee activities to help businesses access finance, in the short, medium and long term, destined for economic and productive activities.

How does it work

Using its own resources and those of the Region, CDP can grant a counter-guarantee on portfolios of new guarantees originated by the Confidi (80% coverage and cap at first losses equal to 10%). As such, it is possible to support investments for companies to restructure and/or modernise accommodation facilities, for which the Region will provide grants under a separate measure.
CDP will transfer the free regional resources in full to the Confidi, which, in turn, will undertake to transfer this benefit to the companies.
Thanks to the available resources, it will be possible to activate a volume of new loans for over 110 million euros, to support investments of around 150 million euros
To obtain CDP’s counter-guarantee, the Confidi must present an Expression of Interest by midday on 15th May 2019, in line with the requirements and forms outlined in the reported documentation.

The Emilia-Romagna Region entrusted the management of the EuReCa Tourism Fund to CDP through a specific agreement.

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