Risk Capital Financing | CDP

Equity financing

We finance the risk capital of your initiatives, investing in investment funds or supporting joint ventures dedicated to strategic projects.

Who are they for?

Local subsidiaries of national companies, through direct intervention; companies of all sizes, indirectly, through investment in funds, with an approach designed to support the Italian entrepreneurial ecosystem.


How they work

We support your company with its risk capital needs, supporting the development and expansion of its activities in emerging economies.

We operate in equity in three main ways:

  • underwriting investment funds that mainly invest in Italian companies and/or local activities of strategic importance to the Italian production chain. Our participation in investment funds is also related to scouting for possible partners for Italian companies and for projects to be supported through other financing methods;
  • direct investment in the company's capital in the case of strategically important projects, with the possibility of supporting dedicated joint ventures for integrating the relevant strategies with a sense of purpose.

Thanks to our dual role as an investor and as the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, we assist Italian companies by supporting their strategic initiatives through a process geared towards sustainable growth in new markets.

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