Fondi di credito a medio-lungo termine PMI e Mid Cap | CDP

Diversified credit funds

Support for the development of an innovative asset class in the alternative financing segment to facilitate medium-long term access to credit for SMEs and Mid-Caps

CDP plays the role of anchor investor to support the development of this asset class, complementary to the banking system’s offer

Who it is aimed at

Intended for SMEs and Mid-Caps with growth, innovation and internationalisation objectives

How it works

Diversified Credit Funds are alternative finance instruments whose main purpose is to raise funds to finance a high number of SMEs and mid-caps. Some of the initiatives use digital lending platforms to manage the financing activity.

To date CDP has invested in:

  • October SME IV
  • Ver Capital Partners SME's VII
  • Anthilia BIT III
  • HI CrescItalia SME
  • Muzinich (formerly Springrowth)

Diversified Credit Fund Initiatives
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