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Supporto allo sviluppo di un asset class innovativa nel segmento dell’alternative financing per favorire l’accesso al credito a medio-lungo termine di PMI e Mid Cap

Support for the development of an innovative asset class in the alternative financing segment to facilitate medium-long term access to credit for SMEs and Mid-Caps

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Who is it for?

It is intended for SMEs and Mid-Caps with objectives of growth, innovation and internationalisation

How does it work?

To date CDP has invested in:
     — Springrowth
     — HI CrescItalia PMI


The initiative promoted by Springrowth SGR (acquired in 2018 by Muzinich & Co.) is characterised by two features that make it unique in the Italian financial landscape: the adoption of a cooperative scheme that is fully complementary to the banking system for origination and financing activities, the high diversification and granularity of investments.

The objective of the Fund is to raise 500 million euros, a target of at least 100 companies and a potential funding volume of up to 1.5 billion euros, thanks to the possibility of reinvesting the loans repaid by companies and the collaboration model set up with the banking system.

HI CrescItalia PMI

HI CrescItalia PMI Fund specialises in medium to long-term loans for small and medium-sized Italian companies. It aims to build a diversified portfolio of companies that are characterised by strong management capabilities, an adequate budget structure and an effective governance system.
The main feature of the fund is the presence of a guarantee issued by the Central Guarantee Fund for SMEs for an amount equal to 85% of the invested capital, on the subscribed minibonds and loans granted. The Fund, which saw the participation of CDP and FEI as institutional investors with an investment of 20 million euros each, raised around 91 million euros.

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