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Central Italy Earthquake Plafond Online

CDP offers the participating banks the “Central Italy Earthquake Plafond Online” channel, an IT platform accessible through the Banks Restricted Area on, from where it is possible to carry out all the phases of the financing process, monitor the preliminary procedure for each phase and display specific summary statements, through an information dashboard.
Accreditation and use of the " Central Italy Earthquake Plafond Online " channel

Each bank operating in the regions affected by the disastrous events, may join the Plafond by entering into the Framework Loan Agreement with CDP, after which it will be included in the list of banks (updated by ABI).

To access the platform, it is necessary to register by following the accreditation procedure.

The representatives of each bank then proceed with registration by accepting the Rules and sending the necessary documentation online, including a certificate from the Bank (Regulations Annex  ).

The "Central Italy Earthquake Plafond Online" channel enables you to manage the Framework and Supplementary Loan Agreements, the Requests for Bank Use and the Communications digitally, on a monthly basis, in compliance with current legislation on IT documents, digital signatures and of tools and / or digital communication channels (Legislative Decree March 7, 2005, No. 82 and subsequent amendments and related technical rules).

Iter preliminary investigation

The Banks enter into a Framework Loan Agreement with CDP, without quantifying any amount, and then proceed with the conditions of the Beneficiary Financing Agreements on the basis of the measures granting the contributions, issued by the relevant public administrations.

Within six working days before the chosen Withdrawal Date (10th and 25th of each month, with the exclusion of 25th August and 25th December), the banks forward a proposal to CDP for an Integrated Financing Contract, together with the Request for Bank Use, for the aggregate amount of Usage Requests received by the Beneficiaries.

Within 5 working days after being credited by CDP, the Banks will pay the sums directly into the accounts of the creditors of the beneficiaries (contractors, contractors, professionals, etc.).

On a monthly basis, the Banks communicate the aggregated data (number and amount) of the loan agreements granted to the beneficiaries via the IT platform.

On a half-yearly basis, the Banks forward a specific report to CDP electronically, based on a model defined by CDP.

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