CDP for Modena: new spaces for city users

CDP for Modena: new spaces for city users

An agreement has been signed to transform the former Sant’Eufemia barracks into accommodation for students, tourists and citizens with special needs

Rome April 15, 2019

The CDP Group's commitment to the country includes promoting initiatives aimed at developing social housing, which are fundamental in responding to new housing needs. These include the project to transform Modena’s Euphemia Barracks into a student residence, which gets underway thanks to an agreement signed between CDP Investimenti SGR, the Municipality of Modena, the Collegio San Carlo Foundation and the University of Modena and Reggio. The memorandum will enable the verification of the project feasibility and activate the necessary collaborations to create new residential spaces in the heart of the historic centre. 

The aim of the initiative is to respond to the demand for new accommodation structures close to the university, to provide housing for students who are away from home, and increasing the available accommodation for tourists and business travellers. The Santa Eufemia barracks, owned by the FIV Fund, are the most suitable solution: located a few steps from the Cathedral in the historic centre of Modena, the building is surrounded by ancient and more modern buildings and will be used predominantly for residential purposes.

The agreement was presented at the “Social housing in Modena” conference and confirms the CDP Group’s commitment to creating more temporary accommodation facilities, responding to market dynamics and benefitting the country’s economic and social development: in fact, the new Business Plan highlights the need to develop student and senior housing, above all by developing and transforming properties owned by the Group, with the aim of improving and developing the country.