Caravella Fund

Caravella Fund

Jointly promoted by CDP and the EIF, the Caravella Fund is dedicated to the Italian business angel industry, through investments in innovative start-ups and SMEs

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The fund’s objective is to encourage the creation of new businesses through pari passu co-investment with the fund, by business angels identified and selected by the EIF, in its role of Advisor

Who’s it for?

Innovative Italian SMEs and Start-ups operating in strategic sectors for the country's growth and competitiveness: Deep Tech, such as AI, Blockchain, New Materials, Space, Healthcare, EcoIndustries, AgriTech / Foodtech, Mobility, Fintech, Design / Made in Italy, Social Impact.

How does it work?

The Caravella Fund is the Italian arm of SICAR, the “European Angels Fund S.C.A. SICAR”, established in 2012 under Luxembourg law on the initiative of the EIF, it promotes a programme to support angel investing in Europe (now active in Germany, Spain, Austria, Holland, Ireland, Denmark and Finland).

Managed by EAF GP Sarl, the objective of the fund is to finance innovative companies by way of co-investment in equity with pari passu logic, alongside business angels or non-institutional investors, i.e. "informal venture capitalists".

Caravella invests in an investment vehicle, under Italian law, established in the form of a limited liability company that will invest in start-ups and innovative SMEs.

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