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Capital Grant For Vehicles With Low Environmental Impact

We manage the provision, on behalf of the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea, of Grants to encourage the spread of vehicles equipped with electric or hybrid traction, fuelled exclusively with natural gas or LPG or “biofuel” supply.

Who it is addressed to

Public or private entities (in particular Regions and Local Authorities, their companies, joint-stock companies and limited liability companies with predominantly local public capital providing public utility services, joint-stock companies providing public utility services of a national nature, other legal entities governed by private law which operate a public service on the basis of a specific service contract, with registered or operational headquarters in the territory of municipalities with a population of more than 25,000 inhabitants).

How it works

The resources are disbursed, until the financial resources provided for by the Decree of reference are exhausted, in relation to the financial requirements, corresponding to the object of the financing.

In the case of purchase, disbursements are arranged in one or more instalments, upon presentation of a certified copy of the relevant invoices.

In the event of leasing: disbursements will be divided into several annual instalments over a period equal to the duration of the leasing contract, on presentation of a certified copy of the contract and the relative invoices

Where to request it

By sending a specific “Grant Application Form” to CDP by registered letter with return receipt, stating the financial requirements corresponding to the purpose of the grant.


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