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Attractiveness of Villages (MiC)

NRRP Public Notice

We are providing support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Culture (MiC) in the management of applications for participation in the "Public Notice for cultural and social regeneration projects in small historical villages" financed by NRRP funds.

Who it is aimed at

Municipalities with a population of up to 5,000, with economic recovery and cultural regeneration projects. Municipalities may apply individually or in groups.


How it works

The aims of the "Public Notice for cultural and social regeneration projects of small historic villages" are those set out in the NRRP measure M1C3 - Tourism and Culture, Investment 2.1 Attractiveness of Villages. The total allocated funding amounts to €380 million, 40% of which is for the South.

The public notice provides for the funding of a cultural and social regeneration project including at least 10 interventions to improve cultural and tourist sites with the following aims: 

  • recovery of historical heritage and redevelopment of public open spaces;
  • creation of small-scale cultural services including for tourism purposes;
  • encourage the creation and promotion of new itineraries and guided tours;
  • support cultural, creative, tourist, commercial, agri-food and craft activities, aimed at relaunching local economies by promoting local products, knowledge and techniques.

More information can be found on the Ministry of Culture website.

How to apply

The Online Application can be completed on the Ministry of Culture website, after completing the appropriate registration process.

Together with the Ministry of Culture and ANCI, we have produced a webinar to explain the details of the public notices and how to submit applications on the dedicated portal. You can watch the webinar here

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