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Alternative Finance for Development

We give your company access to the capital market for projects which can maximise the impact on the social, economic and environmental fabric, with a focus on infrastructure, energy, agribusiness and SME support.

Who are they for?

Companies of all sizes interested in alternative sources of financing through bond issues.


How they work

We support your company with various alternative finance tools, enabling it to benefit from the financial support it needs to grow and expand its business.

We operate in the alternative financing market in two main ways:

  • support for companies interested in accessing capital markets through Minibond securitisation transactions (Basket Bonds). We assist the company in all phases of the transaction, from managerial training to the bond issue, putting it in contact with specialised financial intermediaries;
  • direct investments in bond issues or through investment in funds, especially for thematic initiatives (e.g. green bonds), acting as an anchor investor in partnership with multilateral financial institutions, European and international institutions active in the cooperation sector.

Thanks to our dual role as an anchor investor and as the Italian Financial Institution for Development Cooperation, we enable the strengthening of the alternative finance market segment by attracting capital from funds and other institutional investors looking for a sustainable return and supporting the approach of companies to new impact-focused financing channels.

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