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Fund for the planning of Priority Works (MIMS)

We provide support and technical assistance to the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility (MIMS) Fund in the preparation of feasibility studies for infrastructure and priority settlement areas for the development of the country, as well as for project reviews of already financed infrastructure.

Who it is aimed at

Metropolitan cities, municipalities that are capitals of metropolitan cities, municipalities that are capitals of regions or autonomous provinces and municipalities with a population of over 100,000 inhabitants for the preparation of SUMPs and three-year strategic plans for metropolitan territories, Feasibility Projects or Project Reviews for the design of works included in the above-mentioned planning instruments.

The municipalities of Milan, Rome, Palermo, Piacenza, Livorno and Matera for funds allocated to prepare pilot projects for a computerised platform to support the activities of school mobility managers.

For Port System Authorities and coastal regions with a current Port Regulatory Plan that are not included in any Port System Authority, allocated funds will be distributed with a subsequent provision.


How it works

Applications submitted through the CDP Portal (OOPP Planning Fund Portal) are assessed and accepted by the MIMS, which disburses the funds and monitors the progress of the projects on the basis of information reported by the Entities on the Portal, as described in the MIMS Decree.
Applications require the final CUP (project code) of each proposed project to be assigned in advance.
More information on the Fund is available on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility website.

How to apply

The terms and conditions for submitting applications are available on the Ministry of Infrastructure and Sustainable Mobility website.
The following link is available for submitting applications, during the periods provided for by the Ministry, and for fulfilment of subsequent stages Access the Portal.

Please note: access to the Portal is only possible using one of the following supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

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