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Luigi Paganetto

Vice Chairman

Since 27 July 2018, has held the position of Vice Chairman at Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, where he also acts as Chairman of the Risk Committee for the Board of Directors.

Born in Genoa in 1940, since 2007 Luigi Paganetto has been President of the Economics Foundation - FUET - University of Rome Tor Vergata and on 27 June 2012 he became Professor Emeritus of Economics, appointed by the Italian Minister of Education.
He teaches European Economics at the Faculty of Economics - University of Rome Tor Vergata and at the
Italian National School of Administration - SNA.
He is Board Member of Bruegel, Foreign Member of The Center on Capitalism and Society at Columbia University, Secretary General of the Villa Mondragone Economic Development Association, as well as member of the Scientific Committee of Centro Studi - Confindustria, and of the Advisory Board of Unindustria.

Academic profile

Professor of Political Economy (1976-2011) and Dean of the Faculty of Economics - University of Rome Tor Vergata (1988-2007).

Professional background

  • Extraordinary Commissioner (2005-2006) and President (2007-2009) of ENEA - Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and the Environment
  • Vice President of National Research Council of Italy - CNR and President of the Economics and Statistics Committee
  • Economic Consultant of the Jiangsu Provincial - China
  • Director (1987-1991) and President (1988-2007) of the Center of Economics and International Studies - CEIS - University of Rome Tor Vergata
  • Italian representative in the High Level Group of 12 experts for the Lisbon Strategy. Contributed to drawing up the “Facing the Challenge” Kok Report, European Commission
  • Italian representative in the Committee for political economy of OECD

Committees and consulting

Has been:

  • Member of the Scientific Committee of Italian Court of Audit
  • Member of the Board of Directors of ISTAT
  • Member of the Group of Experts in the European Commission’s Fuel Cells and Hydrogen Joint Technology Undertaking
  • Member of Mediocredito Centrale’s Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Observatory Scientific Committee
  • Member of the Committee of experts of SACE group
  • Member of the Technical and Scientific Committee of Confindustria
  • Member of the Council of Experts of Italian Prime Minister’s Office
  • Member of the Board of the Diplomatic Institute of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Member of the group of Information Society experts - Italian Prime Minister’s Office
  • Member of the Scientific Council of ICE (Italian Trade & Investment Agency)
  • Member of the Board of Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Roma
  • Member of the Board of Directors of ISPE - Italian Institute of Economic Studies and Planning
  • Member of the Technical Scientific Committee of ANIA - Italian Association of Insurance Companies

Author of many publications about macroeconomics, international economy, industrial and European, as well as energy and environmental policy.

Luigi Paganetto CDP Vice Chairman
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