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Sustainable Development for the CDP Group

Our mission is to support Italy’s future by contributing to sustainable economic development and investing in competitiveness: we have been growing with you since 1850

Since it was founded in 1850, CDP has been a promoter of the country’s growth, playing a central and unique role in Italian finance. Using the extensive network of post offices and the large amount of savings that arise from it, CDP has always financed the development of the Italian economy, serving the public interest through initiatives designed to have a positive social impact.

Over the years, the Group has expanded the scope of its activities. In addition to the traditional financing of public works carried out by local administrations, the Group is active in infrastructure investment and business support, in terms growth, business model research and internationalisation.Through its international cooperation activities, CDP also plays an essential role in building sustainable scenarios on a global scale, establishing solid relationships with developing countries. Furthermore, the Group promotes urban regeneration and the search for new forms of housing that are more sustainable and have a low environmental impact.

Today, our commitment to the country’s growth is recognised internationally. Since 2016, we have been the National Promotional Institution and we support Italy’s sustainable development on a daily basis.

The 2019-2021 Business Plan

The 2019-2021 Business Plan, presented in December 2018, unequivocally expresses the CDP Group’s commitment to carry out a primary role in promoting sustainable development in Italy.

The lines of action presented in the Plan to guarantee this commitment include:

  • defining the Plan’s targets, in accordance with the 2030 Agenda Objectives, relevant to Italy’s challenges
  • including sustainability principles in the Group’s organisational and governance model
  • integrating ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles into the traditional economic-financial parameters, in the criteria for evaluating investments, in order to minimise non-financial risks and maximise the positive impact on the community and local area
  • creating systems for measuring and reporting the social and environmental impact, in addition to the economic impact of individual activities.

This approach requires the definition, creation and implementation of a medium-long term path that the CDP Group has initiated, anticipating a progressive orientation of loans towards initiatives where the social and environmental impacts can be measured.

For further information: Integrated Report 2020.


Sustainability Framework

Consistently with the aim of integrating the process of economic value creation with an increasing attention to the impacts generated by its activities, CDP directs its strategic and operational approach towards the principles of sustainable development, promoting a growth model in which social and territorial inclusion and environmental protection coexist with the profitability of investments. The Sustainability Framework describes the inspiring and methodological principles, the recognized scopes of application and the operating methods that CDP adopts for the integration of sustainability in its business and its operating model, contributing to CDP’s positioning on sustainable development issues, both in the Italian and international context.

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