Competenze manageriali per l'innovazione della PA | CDP

Strategic projects

We support the Public Administration by making our managerial skills available to develop projects with a high digital, social and energy impact. We work in partnership with other companies in the group and/or industrial players to promote innovation in areas of primary interest, such as health, education, art, sports and tourism. We are also at the forefront of supporting energy transition processes for important strategic areas, such as renewable energy production, energy efficiency, waste treatment and sustainable mobility.

The commitment of the new Digital and Social Initiatives and Energy Initiatives Unit is to strengthen support for the Public Administration throughout the development and implementation of tangible projects, through industrial partnerships with leading market participants, sharing managerial expertise, long-term technical planning skills and an innovative vision to propose cutting-edge solutions.

Our goal is to make the Public Administration innovative and sustainable, a promoter of nationally important projects, to ensure it plays a leading role in our country's future.