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COVID-19 Liquidity

We support the liquidity and working capital needs of companies impacted by the Covid-19 emergency

Who the measures are aimed at

Small, medium and large Italian companies impacted by the COVID-19 emergency

How the measures work

We have made a fund of 4 billion euros available to help businesses of all sizes, with the rapid disbursement of new loans for liquidity and working capital, resulting from losses due to the COVID-19 emergency.

The resources can be provided through:

  • Guaranteed Medium to Long-term Liquidity. We can offer your medium or large company direct medium to long-term loans with a maximum duration of 6 years, backed by the Garanzia Italia, to support staff costs, rent, refinancing, investments or working capital in production plants and business activities located in Italy.
  • Short-term Liquidity. We can offer your medium or large company direct short-term loans, preferably in partnership with the banking system, with a duration of up to 18 months, to support your financing needs for investments, growth initiatives or carrying out public utility works.

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Our detailed solutions

Guaranteed Medium to Long-Term Liquidity
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Short-term Liquidity
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