Our lines of action

For CDP, being sustainable means following a clear strategy that is developed through action in six areas.

In the course of implementing the 2022-2024 Strategic Plan,investments totalling €65 billion to promote the sustainable development of Italy are planned, fostering growth and employment and innovation and competitiveness in enterprises, infrastructure and local areas.

To this end, our sustainability strategy encompasses action across six areas:

Environment and climate change

What we’re doing to support the energy transition, climate resilience and protection of the environment

Our people

We focus on development, training and a work environment that supports our people’s wellbeing

Diversity and inclusion

We foster an inclusive workplace and support efforts to embrace all forms of diversity

Innovation and digitalisation

The digital transition fosters economic and social growth through innovative ideas and solutions

Social cohesion

Improving schools, hospitals and existing housing, as well as building new ones, to meet society’s basic needs

Sustainable finance

Our financial instruments are aligned with leading environmental, social and governance standards