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Our initiatives


We work with major national and international donors to structure thematic funding programs in strategic sectors for the growth of developing countries.

Our initiatives are finalized to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. The main sectors in which we operate are:

  • Access to renewable energy, the promotion of the energy transition and the fight against climate change;
  • Sustainable agriculture and food security;
  • Financial inclusion and access to credit for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.


External Investment Plan (EIP)

The European External Investment Plan (EIP) was launched in 2017 by the European Union (EU) to support investments in Africa and EU Neighborhood Countries creating a virtuous circle to accelerate development. EIP’s main objectives are to contribute to sustainable development, create employment and promote economic growth in target countries, remove barriers to private investment by mitigating risks, and, thereby, remove the root causes of irregular migration.

The European Commission (EC) allocated € 5.1 billion of EU funds with the aim of mobilizing over € 50 billion of new investments through different financial instruments.

The EIP envisages an integrated package including grant resources for technical assistance activities aimed at structuring the projects and training the actors involved.

CDP has received approval for three guarantee programs and related technical assistance interventions:

  • InclusiFI and Archipelagos under the Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) window; and
  • European Guarantee for Renewable Energy – EGRE, under the Renewable Energy and Connectivity window


The table shows projects being approved or in execution in CDP, supported by the European Commission or other donors.

Project / Programme Country Sector Partner Donor Nature Donor's Funds Donor’s contribution Project Status
Archipelagos North and Sub-saharian Africa Small and Medium Enterprises African Development Bank European Commission Guarantee & Technical Assistance

30 (Guarantee)
5 (Technical Assistance)

Pasped Senegal Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Italian Agency for Development Cooperation European Commission Technical Assistance

13,7 (Technical Assistance)

InclusiFI North and Sub-Saharan Africa Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation (AECID) European Commission Guarantee & Technical Assistance

60 (Guarantee)
11 (Technical Assistance)

EGRE Sub-Saharan Renewable Energy European Commission Guarantee & Technical Assistance

12 (Guarantee)
5,5 (Technical Assistance)

Finance in Common Summit (FiCS) 2021 Global Cross (with a focus on Sustainable Finance for SDGs) Public Development Banks and other stakeholders belonging to FiCS Coalition European Commission Contribution to FiCS activities