Iniziative ad impatto sociale per la crescita del Paese | CDP

Social impact initiatives

We promote projects that guarantee a positive social impact for Italy. Since 1850, we have been supporting the economic and sustainable growth of the country, advocating respect for human rights, diversity, the fight against poverty and more widespread access to culture and education

Our commitment to promote the social growth of the country has a history of over 150 years. Since it was founded, the CDP Group has partnered in the development of the Italian economy, through initiatives which have a positive impact on local communities.

Creating Social Value

The CDP Group aims to promote infrastructure, social and economic development in the areas where it operates, with particular focus on emerging social needs. This commitment happens using a wide range of financial instruments and also by carrying out a proactive support role, a practical support for generating value in the regions and the country as a whole.

We are promoting many initiatives to support entrepreneurship through our products and shareholdings, including the reconstruction of areas affected by earthquakes and floods, technological research and innovation, the transformation of cities and the adoption of new, more sustainable forms of housing, as well as the development of left-behind regions and developing countries: the aim is to guarantee a fair and sustainable future for the next generation.

Find out more about how we support the growth of the country through initiatives that support local authorities and businesses.

Consult the 2021 Integrated Report to find out more about the role that CDP plays in supporting communities and regions.