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We support companies, sovereign institutions and multilateral institutions operating in emerging economies and developing countries, with an integrated range of products and services, for the implementation of their sustainable growth projects in these high-potential regions.

Solutions for companies

We support Italian companies interested in operating in emerging economies and developing countries in three ways:

  • Development Finance
  • Business Environment
  • Advisory

Development Finance

We support the sustainable growth and internationalisation of companies in economies with the highest growth potential through debt, equity or guarantee instruments.

Medium to long-term financing

We finance the growth of your business over the medium to long term in sectors with a high environmental, economic and social impact, promoting the development of a solid entrepreneurial fabric in emerging economies.

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Supply chain

We help consolidate your company's network of commercial partnerships, promoting shared growth paths and strengthening the socio-economic and entrepreneurial fabric of the regions in which we operate.

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Project Finance for Development

We finance projects in the infrastructure and energy sectors to support the competitive development of local systems and maximise their impact on the social, economic and environmental fabric, supporting companies in their transition to sustainable practices.

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Equity financing

We finance the risk capital of your initiatives, investing in investment funds or supporting joint ventures dedicated to strategic projects.

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Alternative Finance for Development

We give your company access to the capital market for projects which can maximise the impact on the social, economic and environmental fabric, with a focus on infrastructure, energy, agribusiness and SME support.

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Business Environment

With our credit lines to financial institutions (private banks, public development banks, microfinance institutions, etc.) we select projects that have a major impact on the sustainable development of the target country, promoting the financial inclusion of local businesses.

Together with local institutions, we leverage synergies with SACE, Simest and ICE to promote initiatives that foster trade exchanges between local and Italian companies, supporting the organisation and participation in initiatives that facilitate international meetings and dialogue.

We aim to foster the development of a favourable environment for the Italian business system in emerging economies by promoting the attraction of private capital in complex markets that are rich in opportunities.

By deploying our resources and national, European and international public funds for cooperation purposes, our intervention methods in favour of Sovereign Institutions or Multilateral Financial Institutions are aimed at maximising impact in terms of achieving the SDGs.

Local companies

Thanks to our credit lines for local financial institutions, we promote the financial inclusion of companies and foster relations with the Italian economy

Events and trade fairs

We support the organisation of and participation in events, trade fairs and exchanges to facilitate meetings between Italian companies and their foreign counterparts, in close collaboration with SACE, Simest and ICE

Sovereign Institutions

We offer financing to institutions such as States, Central Banks and States' public bodies according to agreements between Italy and developing countries, in coordination with MAECI and AICS.

Multilateral Financial Institutions

We establish strategic relationships and offer financing and guarantee instruments to support specific investment programmes


We support companies' business opportunities to help them develop sustainable growth projects by fostering international dialogue.

Business environment and risk analysis

Advisory services for understanding the business environment and for identifying, managing and mitigating risks using de-risking and risk sharing tools and methods.

Project preparation

Support in identifying and structuring the best financing methods.

Economic and financial analysis

Assessments focusing on sustainability aspects (economic, social and environmental), financeability and riskiness of project initiatives.

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Solutions for sovereign and multilateral institutions

We offer finance to the governments of partner countries, combining our resources with public resources from the Revolving Fund for Development Cooperation or with resources from the European Commission, ministries or other lenders.
We work with Multilateral Development Banks, co-financing thematic projects of mutual interest or directly funding the institutions themselves, which in turn deploy the resources for new development projects.

Revolving Fund for Development Cooperation

The Revolving Fund for Development Cooperation, established by art. 26 Law 227/77, has €5 billion in capital and is one of the Italian Government's main instruments for financing bilateral cooperation projects and programmes with Developing Countries, as currently regulated by Law 125/14. We are, by law, the Fund's managing Institution. In this context, under the guidance and directives of the relevant Administrations, we oversee all activities relating to the granting of loans, the payment of loans, and the care and monitoring of granted loans, including their handling in multilateral and bilateral contexts in order to contribute to the implementation of Italy's foreign development cooperation policy.

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