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People: the primary asset of the CDP Group

We enhance the skills of our human resources and put them at the disposal of the country

Within the CDP Group’s value system, people are the most valuable asset in which to invest, with the aim of growth, shared development and appetite for change.

The technical, interpersonal, organisational and intellectual skills of each employee constitute strategic resources, to guarantee a significant contribution towards the implementation of the Business Plan.

For this reason, we believe in human capital and we manage relationships with employees, focusing on the development of skills, equal opportunities, corporate well-being and broadening know-how.

Cassa depositi e prestiti was awarded the “Top Employers Italy” certification in February 2019, confirming the Company’s commitment and dedication to investing in our people over the years.

Human resources and corporate culture: a snapshot of the Group

Working for the CDP Group means actively contributing to the future of Italy, taking forward the actions set out in the ambitious Business Plan.

We select our human resources based on skills and know-how, guaranteeing equal opportunities to all. Our collaboration with the leading Italian Universities plays a fundamental role in this process, in attracting new graduates and placing them in three to six-month internships. Once they have joined the organisation, the new employees enjoy a remuneration policy that can retain and motivate people, and a corporate culture based on gender equality and equal treatment.

To maintain this balance, the CDP Group has implemented measures to improve staff working conditions and enable a better work life balance. Among these initiatives, those that support parenthood are of particular importance: the CDP Group runs several schemes to support parenting, such as leave of absence and contributions towards school expenses, as well as help for new mothers to return to work. Getting back to up to speed on returning to work after the birth of a child is never easy: for this reason, the Group’s companies organise meetings to update employees about changes in the company during their leave of absence, responding favourably to requests for working on a part time basis.

Talent: an asset to encourage and enhance

Merit, talent and skills: these are the drivers that guarantee the growth, development and innovation of the CDP Group. Training courses are tools which companies use to invest in the skills of their human resources, with a view to developing and enriching their professional lives.

In addition to regular compulsory training, that focuses specifically on issues of health and safety within the company, in recent years the Group has paid particular attention to targeted and highly specialised training, to strengthen both professional and behavioural skills, the so-called soft skills.

Safety and well-being

The CDP Group has made a commitment to promote well-being and safety, guaranteeing the best working conditions for its employees.

In fact, the health of its human resources is of the utmost importance in the pursuit of corporate objectives and, for this reason, the Group is active on various fronts to guarantee the highest levels of safety in the workplace, from monitoring to training activities.

The parent company CDP S.p.A., CDP Investimenti Sgr, the SACE Group and CDP Immobiliare currently have a BS OHSAS 18001 certified worker health and safety management system, which will be replaced by safety certifications based on the new ISO 45001: 2018 standard. With this tool, each individual company in the Group guarantees a constant monitoring and control of health and safety in all work processes, through the adoption of specific policies and procedures that regulate the behaviour of all the employees who work in the premises of Group companies.

The objectives, relating to the organisation of health and safety, contribute to a Group vision on all organisational levels. Each company undertakes to ensure that these principles and objectives are translated into measurable goals that are periodically reviewed to help them better meet the “continuous improvement” perspective. In order to guarantee the all-round well-being of its personnel, the CDP Group has also adopted a full welfare system designed to improve quality of life.

Information relating to the health and safety of workers and corporate welfare measures can be found in the 2019 Sustainability Report.

Find out details about the composition of our workforce in the 2019 Sustainability Report.

Information on employees and other workers (GRI 102-8)

Breakdown of the Workforce

Breakdown by Age and Gender (No.)

  2019 2018 2017
  Women Men Total Women Men Total Women Men Total
Total 1.030 1.166 2.196 991 1.130 2.121 944 1.053 1.997
Aged <= 29 96 128 224 80 117 197 62 69 131
Aged 30-50 469 737 1.206 572 699 1.271 548 671 1.219
Aged >= 51 465 301 766 339 314 653 334 313 647


Professional Training and Development

Hours of Personnel Training by Category (h)

  2019 2018 2017
Total as at 31/12 55.262,5 51.068 33.624
Women 24.213,5 22.286 17.696
Men 31.049 28.782 15.928
Senior management 3.050 7.376 4.007
Middle managers 27.384 24.797 14.145
Office workers 24.830 18.895 15.473


Disclosure 102-8 shows information on the characteristics and breakdown of the workforce and the breakdown of personnelby employment contract, gender and age group.


Equal opportunity for men and women (GRI 405-1)

Women out of Total Employees by Category (%)

  2019 2018 2017
Women out of total 47 47 47
Women out of total senior managers 22 22 22
Women out of total middle managers 44 44 44
Women out of total office workers 56 56 56


Disclosure 405-1 shows the breakdown of employees by gender for each employee category. The level of diversity within an organisation reflects its human capital, the promotion of diversity, and equal opportunity within the organisation itself, revealing issues of particular importance for some segments of the workforce.

In 2019 the percentage of women out of total employees was in line with the previous years.

Further details about the workforce are available in the “People” section of the website and in the 2019 Sustainability Report.