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Management of human resources

We place our people at the centre by enhancing skills and diversity so that each person can freely express his or her value and contribute to the growth of the country

Our people are the CDP Group's most important asset and every day, with commitment, dedication and responsibility, they ensure effective operational management to help promote the growth of the country.

We value diversity and inclusion in the firm belief that they are the fundamental values for creating an open, respectful and inclusive society where everyone can express their potential by nurturing creativity, innovation and the generation of ideas for the benefit of the entire community.

data refers to 2021

Training and development

Merit, talent, and expertise are the drivers that guarantee the CDP Group's growth, evolution and innovation. Such values are also pursued by investing in the skills of our resources through training programmes designed to promote their personal and professional development.

In addition to regular mandatory training, with a specific focus on health and safety issues in the workplace, in recent years the Group has paid particular attention to providing targeted and highly specialised training to strengthen both the professional and soft skills of its employees.

In addition, training includes the dissemination of a sustainability culture on all ESG issues to make colleagues protagonists of a sustainable development model inside and outside the company. The aim is to stimulate colleagues through constant and active involvement to promote an inclusive society with a lower environmental impact.

data refers to 2021

Diversity e Inclusion

The Group's corporate culture is geared towards ensuring an inclusive work environment and promoting diversity across all its dimensions: gender, age, culture and skills. Recognising and valuing the plurality of experiences, points of view and ideas empowers our resources and allows them to contribute to strengthening the company’s ability to adress work challenges and create value.

The promotion of equal opportunities and women's empowerment is a priority. Through targeted actions and projects, we want to promote the realisation of effective gender equality both inside and outside the company through responsible and inclusive business.

data refers to 2021

Smart working, Welfare e people care

We recognise the importance of worklife balance, which stems from a desire for 'wholeness' and everyone's aspiration to achieve a better quality of personal and professional life while pursuing their professional and personal ambitions.

To this end, the Group is committed to providing concrete tools and implementing ad hoc initiatives to encourage work-life balance, including flexible working arrangements (e.g. smart working), modern, comprehensive corporate welfare initiatives that are attentive to the protection of the individual and professional sphere of its people, so as to foster a sense of corporate belonging and the creation of a climate oriented towards full cooperation while respecting private life.

For further information on Management of human resources, please refer to the 2021 Integrated Report and related tables.


Health and Safety

For the Group, the wellbeing of its resources has always been a priority. For this reason, it promotes a modern, comprehensive corporate welfare system that is attentive to the protection of the personal and professional dimensions, in order to foster a sense of belonging to the company and the creation of a culture which maximises cooperation while respecting private life.

Great attention is paid to health and safety issues.

The Group values the management of these aspects beyond mere compliance. CDP S.p.A., CDP Immobiliare S.r.l., CDP Immobiliare SGR S.p.A. and Fintecna S.p.A. have identified the implementation of their own management systems as the most appropriate way to meet their commitments and effectively pursue occupational health and safety objectives. These Management Systems, which for the above-mentioned companies are certified by a Third-Party Body according to the UNI ISO 45001:2018 standard, aim to ensure regulatory compliance, define the responsible parties, optimise health and safety performance, prevent and minimise risks to workers and pursue opportunities for improvement.

With this tool, each individual Group company guarantees constant monitoring and control of all the aspects of health and safety at work, through the adoption of procedures and operating instructions that regulate company processes for all employees working at the offices of Group companies.

Health and safety objectives are globally shared at all of the Group’s organisational levels. Each company is committed to ensuring that these principles and objectives are translated into measurable targets and periodically reviewed, in order to promote continuous improvement.

Being aware of its role for the country and of its responsibilities towards the country’s economic and social community, CDP S.p.A. promotes the protection of health and safety in the workplace as a key element of its culture and a fundamental objective in its activities and relations with its stakeholders.

In pursuit of this objective, CDP is committed to maintaining an active Management System for all company activities and in relation to the scope of application published herein.

The Occupational Health and Safety and Environment Integrated Management System Policy is the document that attests the principles and commitments made by CDP’s senior management for the continuous improvement of management systems. As such, it is disseminated at all levels of the organisation and it is published here to ensure that it is shared with all stakeholders.

For further information on Health and safety, please refer to the 2021 Integrated Report.