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Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP) is a joint-stock company under public control. The majority shareholder is the Italian Ministry of Economy and Finance

Corporate headquarters is in Rome, Via Goito, 4 - 00185. Other offices are located throughout the country and abroad.

  • Business Register of Rome: registration no. 80199230584
  • Registered with Chamber of Commerce of Rome no. REA 1053767
  • Share Capital: Share capital €,00 fully paid up
  • Tax code 80199230584
  • VAT number no. 07756511007
  • Certified e-mail address (PEC): cdpspa@pec.cdp.it

Accounting Advisory: Pwc


Cassa depositi e prestiti (CDP) is a joint-stock company under public control

List of Foundations

15.93% of the share capital of Cassa depositi e prestiti is held by a group of banking foundations.

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Credit Rating

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Integral link with the italian government

Critical role for Italian economy

Sound fundamentals

High support from the italian government

Negligible stock of problem loans

Stable funding structure

Strong State links

Dividend role for profitability

Sound funding structure

Italian NPI and unique business model

Solid fundamentals

Dividend role for profitability


A - 2 P - 3  F2 S-2
Long-Term BBB Baa3 BBB BBB+
Outlook Negative Stable Negative Stable
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