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Growing with suppliers

A focus on safety, skills and transparency guides the choice of our supply chain partners. We work together with respect for the environment to achieve the highest standards of sustainability

With the goal of increasing social and relational capital along the value chain, in line with the principles and guidelines set out in the Sustainability Framework adopted in 2020, the CDP Group recognises the high social and environmental value of supplier relationships, selecting them with an in-depth assessment and in compliance with the principles of economy, effectiveness, fairness, free competition, non-discrimination, transparency, proportionality and advertising.

The Supplier Portal

The first Supplier Portal was launched in 2018. Common to the entire CDP Group universe, it is a single access point where our partners can register and find out about our purchasing procedures, relative to the organisational, operational and procurement needs of Group companies.

In addition, during 2020, the necessary activities were launched to include new mandatory requirements in the Supplier Portal, which are useful for compiling environmental and social information on registered operators (above all, the possession of environmental and social certifications).

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Selecting suppliers

Our suppliers are selected through a procurement process aimed at maximising economic, production, social and environmental benefits, with the aim of selecting reliable, technically and economically capable operators, focussed on the protection of workers' health and safety and fully respecting human rights.

The contractual relationship with suppliers, established through tender or award procedures, follows the procurement law (with specific reference to those companies subject to the Procurement Code pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree No. 50/2016), the Group's Code of Ethics, the Organisation Model, Management and Control Model (pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/01) and internal regulations regarding purchasing and third-party relationships.

For the purpose of assessing the social and environmental responsibility of suppliers, specific clauses are included in contracts, aimed at ensuring full compliance with employment, protection of minors, contributions, assistance and welfare regulations. Full compliance with regulations on accident prevention at work, hygiene and safety is also required, as well as all obligations relating to accident insurance at work, retirement planning, disability, old age, work related illness and any other provisions for the protection of workers that are in force or may apply during the course of the contract.  In addition, checks required by anti-mafia legislation are also carried out for suppliers that have contracts above a determined value threshold.

Furthermore, the Group does not make purchases in countries where the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining is not guaranteed: our main foreign suppliers operate in other European countries and in North America, where the main International Labour Organisation (ILO) Conventions have been ratified and where the risk of human rights violation is reduced.

The selection and approval activities of financial organisations are controlled by a constant monitoring of the supplier’s performance during the execution of the services.

Further details regarding the supply chain are available in the 2020 Integrated Report.