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For the growth of the Italian Venture Capital ecosystem

CDP Venture Capital SGR – Fondo Nazionale Innovazione (national innovation fund) has been created to accelerate the growth of the Italian Venture Capital ecosystem and to take it, by amount of capital invested and by number and quality of players, to the level of the major European countries.

CDP Venture Capital SGR has the aim of:

  • expanding direct and indirect investments, also fostering the birth of new fund managers, leading to investment in startups in the various stages of development, from the early stage segment to the growth capital segment;
  • promoting the creation of new investment instruments, for example to facilitate the processes of technology transfer from universities and research institutes, in addition to the active involvement of Italian businesses through so-called corporate venture capital;
  • supporting the overall growth of the venture capital market by promoting and facilitating the link between national/international investors and startups and creating occasions for sharing and education regarding the opportunities and challenges of this sector;
  • fostering contact between startups and firms in which CDP Group has an interest, extending opportunities to customers and markets for new businesses, and offering large Italian companies the chance to gain access to innovation oriented players.

The Board of Directors, which will remain in office until the approval of the Balance Sheet at 31st December 2022, is composed as follows:

Board of Directors 

  • Chairman: Francesca Bria
  • Chief Executive Officer: Enrico Resmini
  • Directors: Pierpaolo Di Stefano, Marco Bellezza, Isabella de Michelis di Slonghello Lucia Calvosa, Antonio Margiotta, Andrea Francesco Cardamone, Sergio Luciano Buonanno.


Press release
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23 June 2020
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01 April 2020
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