Where we invest

Where we invest

Our initiatives in development countries

Our action is developed in Emerging Economies and in Developing Countries with particular focus on geographical areas of current and prospective interest for our business system and in sectors with the highest economic, social and environmental impact.


CDP can operate in all OECD-DAC countries, including those identified as priorities in Italy's development cooperation strategy. Our partner countries include both 'Least Developed Countries', identified by the UN as countries with the lowest levels of socio-economic development in the world, and emerging countries, i.e. countries that have not yet achieved sufficient levels of economic growth.

Each of our partner countries requires a different approach (tailor-made), so we promote development projects that offer specific solutions according to the contexts and needs of each country.


We support the socio-economic development of partner countries by developing our projects on specific thematic priorities that we believe to be essential for a fair and sustainable growth, such as employment and innovation, immigration, gender equality, environmental protection and climate change.
We promote projects that mostly contribute to the achievement of these priorities, focusing on the following key sectors:

Social infrastructures


Micro, small, medium enterprises